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Change of Target Audience

The target audience is a massive part of the design process, I originally thought children as some of the inspiration images I saw I thought would be suitable, such as adding some cute faces to the insects and making them more cartoon and character-like. However, as I started to do some designs I was happy with on Procreate, I realised that this was just not my kind of style, I wanted the audience to reflect the designs, and seeing the motifs I had started creating, my mind was not taken to a children’s giftwrap collection, more of a young person’s collection. I thought about the research I had already done, and thought about how the children’s paper also had to be attractive to the parents who were physically going to buy it. Then I thought about changing the audience to the young mothers, rather than buying it for the kids, buying it for themselves and their like-aged friends and family. The aim of my designs then becomes a sophisticated collection instead, which I plan to use the detailed motifs and a light textured background.