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First Pattern Attempts

I wanted to try out the motifs in repeat very basically to see how they would work in different sizes and in repeat with other motifs. I usually start these plain repeats first then move on to more complex ones as I get more comfortable with the shapes and see what I think is missing.

The ladybirds were quite fun to work with, but with the first repeat I knew straight away that it needed less of the red and more of the other motifs that I created to go with them. I think this one is better but it is a very obvious block repeat so I want to work better on this and make one that is far more hidden and more full.

The beetles are quite plain in this repeat but this could make for a good secondary pattern if I explored colour more, however this collection is a little different to the last pattern collection we did, which included a hero, secondaries and tertiary patterns, whereas this one we are designing for specific objects, and I think this is important as a customer may not buy the whole set, so each object needs to be as visually appealing as the others.

I worked on the dragonflies too, I quite liked the composition of this one but adding texture to the background is totally different and changes the whole image, I do like this one a lot but I still think there is room for improvement for it.

I also had a go at a more complex beetle pattern, again I prefer the one with the texture in the background as I think it works well, however I do think while its harder to see the repeat, I think more of a change in scale would be more interesting.