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CAD visuals

I wanted to show how my patterns would look on actual objects to get a feel for how they were going to work, so using Photoshop I created CAD visuals, some of which look decent but others I am struggling with the quality of the backing white image, meaning the pattern quality is reduced as well. Another reason why I would like to create my own mock up white objects to photograph next term, as well as make actual prototypes.

Overall as I collection I do like it, but I do want to work on and redefine my patterns more, I particularly like the gift tag in the shape of the ladybird motif. I may consider changing the bag, with the pattern on the gusset on the front and back and a plain blue gusset instead, as Im not sure about my design of the happy birthday on the front of it. I am quite pleased with the card, although working on this more and looking at embossing and printing foil could also be an option. I like the inside of the envelope and the card, but maybe reducing the scale may be more attractive.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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