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Adding more Colour into my Patterns

A critique of my patterns were the colours I included, my original patterns are usually not that colourful because I do like to use black and white patternwork to fill space and create depth and texture. I think usually when I am given feedback about the patterns I struggle to adapt them into patterns that really pop because I never think I have the time to create new motifs or to completely change my colour scheme. I decided to try and keep my colour scheme but to adapt my current patterned motifs to something more coloured and usable.

I used the blues and the purples particularly from the colour schemes to make these motifs that are less bold in terms of the patterns that can be seen on them. I think this works well with some better than others, and even some of the designs when I decided to take the black outline to them but kept the colour inside quite pastel and bright, I think these all do work better than the old black and white motifs. I also thought that they would probably go with some of my original bug motifs too, I took the original dragonflies and decided to just colour behind the wings to add some more colour behind there, I also used textured brushes which made for quite an interesting effect, such as the dragonfly wing that resembles a stained glass window.

From these new motifs now I plan to try and create a range of patterns, stating with the dragonfly first as I think the lilypads are an easier motif to work with and go with the dragonflies well.