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Simplifying my Motifs

I think a main issue with my motifs now is the fact that they are just as busy as my main insect motifs, I think that the issue is that I enjoy drawing and I enjoy creating completed artworks, so each motif for me is more of an illustration. I go from things in my book that I try out as mark-making that I would not use and not show to anyone, to very intricate final motifs that I could use as a placement by itself, because hours of work have gone into it and when shrunk down it becomes even more dense and busy.

I wanted to then create some more mark-making pieces on Procreate to go better with the dragonflies, I thought about the idea of looking down from above on a pond, and seeing all the lilypads on the water and the dragonflies flying above them.

I kept the shapes and forms I have used before because I did like them, this shows two different versions that I tried here, one with a darker outline than the other which I do quite like. I tried the little ones too because I thought it would be interesting to completely fill the space and having the variety is very interesting.

I tried to make the leaves in this same style, with the faded greens I think they look good and will allow the other insect motifs to stand out a lot more being bigger and brighter in colour. I managed to add some of the line work into some of the motifs which I think is enough to show texture and a pattern, but not to overpower it and make it a complex design like I had before.

Using the lily pad motifs, I created some backgrounds for the patterns that would repeat seamlessly, I think this would work well and be quite hard to see in repeat because I worked on a very small scale within the tile here.

Adding the dragonflies over the top was quite interesting, I think they do stand out against the green background but maybe not as much as I would like. There are so many lines and patterns within the dragonflies and this cannot be seen at all. I think the next step would be to play around with some image adjustments to see whether there would be a way to brighten up this image.