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Alternative Patterns

Using my pattern created yesterday with the simpler motifs, I decided to play around with some adjustments and filters to see how the design may look improved, or to spark some different ideas with colour schemes or something.

I play around with a few effects here, vibrancy was something I played with and made the dragonflies very bright and visible, I just do not react well to the colours and I do not think this is something I would like to take to my other patterns. Along the line of colour, I also tried inverting the dragonflies to give me the complete opposite colours to experiment again with colour scheme, as I am seriously considering altering my scheme at this point. I also tried a more greyscale effect which I think looks good, making the pieces stand out a long more. I thought on this point that I could use a silhouette, and completely take out that pattern I have been desperate to keep this whole time, so I created the white and black silhouette pieces. I think these two are my favourite out of this little alternative bundle, but I thought about how there is a really lack of colour other than the shades of green in there, and I think this defeats the purpose of the idea of changing my colour palette and the motifs because I am still not using the complimentary and contrasting colours that I want to be able to work with more.

I think next I could think about taking the designs that I like with the black and white bold silhouettes, and adding more of a range of colours into the backgrounds instead. So turning some of the lily pads to purple or blue, or even red and seeing how this would work in the background of the design since I think the bright silhouettes work so well.

I started with some blue added in, which I think was quite attractive looking, I tried to add the red and purple into this even more but I did not like this very much, I think it gives me much more of a younger audience colour scheme. I think I may try a different motif set again in the greens that I know I like, but this ultimately is convincing me that I should be changing my colour scheme away from this.