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Simplifying the Dragonfly

I thought about how the silhouette of the dragonfly worked better than the heavily worked on motif I created originally, even with the colour that I added I still think that when shrunk to that small scale it just did not have the desired effect, and maybe could work well on a very large scale repeat or as a placement piece on something the size of a cushion maybe, but I just do not see it working in this pattern and letting go of that may be what is needed to allow me to feel like I am getting somewhere with the designs.

I thought about the plain backgrounds that do not stand out, and using these line work pads I thought I could create an interesting texture on the background using a darker colour than I usually would. The dragonfly as well I did use a couple of the purples and then used the white instead of my usual black to add detail into the wings of this piece.

The pattern made from using the outlines on the lily pads works well, however the purple dragonflies added on top do not give such a good pattern and I do not see them looking good here. I think the purple has gone far too flat which is unfortunate as I think it has been simplified too much. I tried it over the previous lilypad design and and I think this has worked better, but I still do not see it as a very successful pattern, even when the contrast was brought up.

It was at this point I decided that my colour scheme needed to change, it was not working for me as I did not like seeing all the colours together in the same pattern and this was definitely a problem. I like the green and I know I need some form of red or dark pink for the ladybird as I think this makes it a base that I then need to expand from.