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Beetle Motifs and Linear Repeats

In preparation for the beetle roll design, I did these designs on Procreate with the idea of the yellow for the background in my mind so I could put a lot of the pink and green into these motifs. I think the beetles work well and will stand out amongst the leaves I designed, the squiggles as well I have spoke about before with the idea of how the feet move in the dirt.

While I do enjoy my tossed designs, I wanted to have a go with the more linear design as it is on a roll of paper so could work nicely on this. I first did it on white and tried to repeat and spotted some bits that needed more motifs and I thought it definitely needed more colour in the background so the yellow was added. I also thought about incorporating the squiggles, I think these could have been done a little smaller to work as more of a background element, I repeated this too and I just did not like the overall effect of the piece. I much prefer what I have done with the tossed designs and I think this is something I should go back to trying out now to see what the effect of the beetles could be.

I think the tile looks good here with the colour of the background and the green leaves, I think the colours all do work together and I am pleased with how it turned out. The first repeat is the basic block repeat and the second is the half drop. I think the half drop is definitely a more attractive design and harder to see the repeat, the dark pink does stick out a lot more than the other colours but I think this strong colour works well with the weaker colours.