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Expanding the Ladybird Pattern Family

After a feedback tutorial with Helen where I felt good about my patterns, the critique was that if I had a present wrapped in the dragonfly wrap, the beetle roll and the inside the ladybird gift bag, they would be too busy and clashing, because essentially the three designs are all hero designs. While I want to include all these, it would be more sensible to start with one and build the secondary and blender patterns off of that, for the three different heroes, creating three different families of patterns from the three main designs. I think this would be better in terms of submitting to Mat at Design Group if I still get the chance to do this, but for submitting for my module, it would be nice to show that I have improved my patterns and I can build an interesting family of them, which is also practice for the final module too.

So the ladybird pattern at the top here shows the front of the bag, I previously tried to do a happy birthday placement and I just did not like it, but I liked the ladybird pattern that I did on the gusset of the bag, so why waste my best bit just on the gusset? Not all bags for birthdays have to have a greeting on the front, the pattern works better I think because it is eye catching, and would have a card and envelope to go with it nicely as well as wrapping paper. The pink pattern next to it would then be the gusset, with the ladybird as the tag, although this needs to be trimmed to not have the legs too.

So I started with the ladybird pattern, the dragonfly and beetle will be next to create the families from it, I think the colour palette change was definitely smart, it is simpler but it is easier for me to understand it and balance it out better. White is definitely a key element to it too, I think I have such a bad idea of it as a background but it has been helpful in some cases where a lot of colour has been used in the pattern.

As shown here I did experiment a lot when I was creating the secondaries, the colours of the backgrounds especially because it shows totally different designs, especially in the stripes, the darker colours just make it far too dense, whereas the white keeps it quite airy and flowing. The green leafy pattern with a few backgrounds is interesting, I think it works well for the colours used on the backgrounds too and goes well with the hero, I attempted a stripe because it is not really something I have managed to do before but instead of just rectangle blocks I wanted to make the most of the motifs to create this stripe idea.

Blender creation for me is quite difficult because I like doing busy hero patterns and linear patterns, it is the simple ones that I tend to struggle with. I do like most of these, I think they do all go well again with the hero and using the motifs in a different way can make them look totally different. The leaf linear is interesting because while bold, it is simple and the repeat is less obvious than the rest because of the couple of range of leaves with it. I imagine these would look quite attractive as wraps and rolls along with the ladybird bag, so I am pleased with how this worked out.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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