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Creating the Dragonfly Family

As I found the ladybird pattern created quite an interesting range of patterns from it, I thought about how the dragonfly and the beetle would work as well. Because I used to same colours I originally thought about how all the patterns would just look like it was from the same family, but the colour balance used in the heroes is different and I think will make a big difference.

Dragonfly Hero

The hero here is interesting with a lot of colours in it, thats why I chose the white background because I thought it may be too overpowering in any other colour. The dragonflies are flying over the lily pads, leaving invisible trails behind them which form the backing texture of this pattern too.

I worked on some key elements of the designs to create these secondary designs, I think these work well with the slight simplistic repeat to it. I like the difference in colour schemes but how they work well with the hero together too. Overall I think these could work well as secondaries to the hero.

Looking at Blenders here I think I managed to create quite a range using a number of motifs, I think the linear trails works quite well and I think I do prefer this in the yellow. The flowers and lily pads are interesting too and I think work well with the hero.

Overall I think this collection works well, but does look completely different to the collection with the ladybird hero, so this does prove to me that even though the colour schemes are the same, the colour balance and motifs make it totally different.