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The Beetle Pattern Family

Finally looking at my last blender, I decided it would be the final step to finish the family for this hero. The beetle design is busy and is a mixture of beetles and leaves, following my research of the way they move their legs and move through the earth, I did do little textured squiggles again like the ladybird, as I think these creatures move in a more similar way than the dragonfly.

The Beetle Hero

The reds, pinks and greens do all stand out here, and I think the yellow background is quite a bold choice which I do like. I thought about how to create secondaries from this, and how the beetles would look as a linear type of design.

Even though these are all on white backgrounds, I think the colour contrasts in each piece works very well and the white makes the motifs stand out more than a complimentary colour behind them. The idea of the linears are different, the leaves drop down by half each time and the beetles go sideways in more of a brick motion than a drop. With how busy they are, yet simple, it is hard to spot the repeat and I could see these working quite nicely.

The blender designs are interesting and work well with the hero and the secondaries, and again I think differ drastically from both the dragonfly and the ladybird families.