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Redefining Card Designs and Creating New Ones

Again like my patterns, there were some small changes that were needed to make my card designs the best that they could be.

The initial designs I did were similar to these, I took these and made small changes, like with the left one here I swapped the colours of the string and the border which I think has helped it to look less christmassy. I also increased the size of the letters too. The second design here I removed the dragonflies and added more leaves around it which I think helped again to draw attention to the lettering and frame it nicely.

These are first drafts of cards, I can see there is something wrong with the first image, the lettering does not look right on the green background, I also tried it in black, white, pink and yellow, and nothing looked right, so I think an imporvement would be to have a white box underneath it too. I like the use of the pattern on the front as it is one of the prettier ones and quite bold and graphic, so I think this could work well with a few of the patterns. The bug repeat is interesting and I think makes for an interesting card design, I think the repeat is good where its hard to see the repeat and the colourful design works. I think a break in the bugs does look better that a square on the top but this could be something to try, it is hard to get an even hole too because the bugs repeat in a way that means they do not end at the same point.

The next design I think is quite interesting because it takes a part of a pattern and uses it kind of as its own motif on the card, which goes well with the water lily motifs as well. I think the placement of the lettering is good too and it does look better on the white background, I think the first card would be improved with this too.

Overall I think the cards are going well, I think I could swap out the patterns and motifs on them for others too which could make quite a large and versatile range of cards that are attractive to the eye.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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