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Card Designs and New Product Mock Ups

My photos were taken for the purpose of creating my own mock ups, which I have learnt to do through online tutorials and through workshops in Uni with Charlie, Sian or Matt. This is another thing that has a few ways of doing the task, much like pattern designing. I think it is useful to learn a couple of ways, as it helps with the individual project as which way could work better. I find that I used a different technique for a card than I do with fabric for example and its important to see the difference in the results of this.

I also worked more on some card designs, I think I improved greatly from my very first card design that I handed in last time, but I definitely wanted to refine these further and create more to go with each family as well.

I think I was quite successful with these designs, again just little tweaks and changes to help them improve a little more. I particularly like the first couple I did with the leaf designs as well as the beetle repeat, I could see this working as a design because it is eye-catching as a pattern.

I had a go with putting the cards into context here with an envelope inside to go with it, usually using one of the blenders from the same family I was designing the card for. I think I prefer these to a bold design on the outside of the card, it works a lot better, although I could look into the outside of the card just being the lightest colour on the card.

These were the designs I was excited about, as I got to see the designs in the same family working together in context, I think all of these work well together nicely and I was careful to show off the different scales too. I think the next step would be deciding on the actual five piece collection, whether that is just the one family or I could get some designs from the other families to mix in due to the similar colour palette throughout the three, just got to be careful that the five designs do all go together in a way that is got too busy or clashing.

The bag is tricky because there is a lot to think about here, the front and back, the gussets, the ribbon type and colour, and the tag, and even what else could be inside the bag, I think I would try this again with pink tissue paper inside it too as it would cover a little of the untidy top and also compliment the colour scheme nicely.