Specialist Techniques

I wanted to show a few of the specialist techniques I had tried out, we are given a document with a few specialist techniques in them and I generally try to give most of these a go and find a couple that worked for me. This time around I found that bleach was a good experiment, and also stippling as I think it creates a nice effect similar to the tattoo kind of style I enjoy using.

Cut Out Designs

Usually the leaf shapes here was interesting to cut out with the watercolour design inside them. I think the sycamore leaves were more interesting as it just has a ore interesting and rough shape to it.

Embroidery Drawing

I had a go at this technique which I have always wanted to try but have not found the right sort of way to go about it, I painted some designs onto paper here and then drew some stitches on, with the black I think these produced quite an interesting dark outline. I think the stitching is quite realistic in the way that it is not the same size every time and does not follow the lines exactly. I tried this in colours too as it is realistic to try to blend the stitches or co-ordinate them with the fabrics as well.

Woven Technique

I tried out this technqiue which describes filling in boxes to create an image, I found this quite difficult and it just reminded me of Minecraft honestly. It was quite relaxing to colour them in but I just do not like the effect of it overall.

Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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