Missing Research Images

When I was looking for research, I took a lot of my own photos myself, but I did come across a couple of issues where either plants and trees were not out or in bloom yet, or in the case of the animals, they are hard for me to find and could be invasive to actually get close up photographs of them.

I used Unsplash to look for some of these research images, as well as google with a filter that looks for images that are free to share and use, I will be using these photos for inspiration to draw and sketch from, not using the photo directly in my work.

Berries and Fruits

I loved some of the images I got for these as they are well positioned within the frame and show leaves and things around them too, which make for good motifs. With the leaves too, just knowing which ones goes with which berry is great because I can use the berry as the centre and then make my own leaves around it as I know what they should look like. I think it is good to change around some things too because I have directly copied the composition of an image before and some folds and imperfections just do not translate well to the drawings and would look better if the leaf had been moved that tiny bit or unfolded.

Nuts and Acorns

Nuts and acorns provide a vital bit of food for squirrels and dormice particularly, so I wanted to include these as motifs as I think these are quite important things to have. I also included some pinecones as these are common woodland things that the creatures would encounter a lot.

Shelters and Structures

Sheds, walls, stone barns, wooden fencing, all plays a vital part of the woodland creatures adventures through the world. I think the main thing is that they can be adapted to provide shelter, and if left abandoned by humans, they can be made much more wild and could be used by a variety of creatures. Hedgehogs will often make home in open sheds and bonfires quickly, so its important to make sure they are not in there before things like this are lit or closed up. The fencing and stone walls can be used as shelter and protection from predators or weather, so I think this is a vital part of their journey, it is also a common sight on the mountains or in the forests, falling apart because they are not maintained very well.

Hedgehog Images

I wanted some hedgehog photos that showed the hedgehog in a couple of different positions as I think it would be nice to see in the pattern if there was a varied effect to it. I particularly like the picture of it walking as I have never really seen their legs before, I also like the ones curling up on their backs, its a very cute view. I need to experiment with the faces and things on them too as the effect of the face could make the pieces totally different, big eyes could look childlike.

Hare Images

The hare images were useful because the view of them fighting or standing in the field are so interesting, they have a range of poses but again the common one is just sat down looking. I think the ears are the best bit, they are so large and iconic to the animal I think this is a prominent feature that has to be shown in the images.

Red Squirrel Images

The red squirrel is an iconic animal, and I could have probably gotten an image if I went to locations nearby where they are known to live as I live in the buffer zone to their safe, grey-free zone. However with restrictions, this is difficult at the moment, same with hedgehogs, if I had put a camera outside a few months ago I might have been able to get a clear hedgehog image or video by now, as I think it has been such a slow process of finding the right places and narrowing down the locations where I might be able to find them. This gives a range of views of the creature too which is great for sketching out.

Dormouse Images

Again these images are great for a variety of positions, the dormouse is the cutest animal as well with its iconic large eyes and its unusual little tail.

Overall this research will really help me to get more studies and things done so I think I gain a better understanding of the creatures and can study things that I have not managed to get my own photos of in my limited area and in the last couple of weeks.

Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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