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Fabric Bleaching and Printing Experiments

I particularly enjoyed bleaching in my book because I was able to use the bleach on the back of the leaves and print them onto colour to remove it, or onto a blank page to resist colour added on top. I have played with bleach on black fabric before and know it fades to an orangey-pink shade when the colour is removed, so I efinitely wanted to have a go with this.

Bleaching and Leaves

This photo shows a variety of experiments using black fabric to remove that colour. You can see I experimented with using the leaf skeletons, using the outlines and the negative space, tried a flick technique with the leaf acting as resist. As I was going I kept thinking of more things to try, not everything went to plan but I did find some interesting techniques here.

Bleaching and paint printing

This video basically carries on from the previous one with some bleaching and also some paint experiments with shapes and skeletons again.

Again I produced some quite bright results from the printing which I really like. I would love to take this further digitally and think I could try and follow the design of the leaf skeleton on Procreate at some point.

I also tried lino on the fabric with the bright colours again. I like these with the detail on the leaves that add a little something to it but not making it really busy.

The results were quite attractive but I think the limitations I am finding with the equipment I can access is causing some issues with my quality, meaning I feel like I would not like to take this any further.

I was very surprised when the green colour lifted as much as it did, so I decided to have a little bleaching session with it, some of the designs did not work, I think the weave of the fabric was a little wide so I think it soaked up the bleach more and meant I could not get very good sharp lines. However the leaf skeletons turned up lovely so I am pleased with that one.

Overall the experiments were interesting and I would like to take the idea of the skeleton forward into pattern, so I think these were important, and timelapse videos definitely help me to keep my work pace up and encourage new ideas as well.


Berries Research and Drawing

My drawing continued with looking at berries because they are a good source of food for dormice and are very present in all of the animals environments.

Again I tried a variety of techniques here and I particularly like the ones that give that little shine to it for that little realistic flair to it and adding a little detail. I think the berries are a good chance to play with a few brighter colours thrown into the patterns too.