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LinkedIn Workshop

The Cardiff Met career service has been offering a range of workshops since lockdown started, and I always put them off because I was working on my module work so much, but this week I decided to go for it, it is almost the end of term and I do not want to miss out further.

I saw a LinkedIn workshop which I thought would be really useful because I still only feel halfway done on there building my account, and actually no idea how to use it effectively as well.

The webinar covered a range of points and examples of accounts to show the rights and wrongs of building the accounts and then how to use them to stand out and be noticed in your industry.

My profile shows a picture of myself, which is a basic need to help engagement, I also added my tagline and the kind of opportunities I am open to. I have also added a bulk of my work experience and education so it services as a CV, with links to my website which also has a CV page too. I added one of my patterns to the top header photo to show what I do, but I may change this to more updated designs as I create more as well.

The main thing I took away from it was posting, I have been meaning to start for a while after watching some Careercake videos for the Cardiff Met Award but I made a start today posting some of my recent pattern designs in the spoonflower contest, Large Birds.

I also took part in a webinar online today for Instagram Marketing, which was quite interesting, and definitely something I will look into further on Skillshare or something.