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Lockdown Your Career Workshop

Today I attended another careers service workshop, called Lockdown your Career, which basically focused on what we could be doing now to further ourselves professionally during this time of being stuck at home. It was described as being productive rather than just binge watching Netflix, but my problem is that I am very much still in the middle of my final module. I have over a month or maybe even two left before my deadline, which by that point could leave me in a place where the world is opening up around me while I am still indoors doing my work.

I am enjoying my work at the moment, my final module based on woodland creatures is something I enjoy drawing and stitching, trying to make it as realistic or pleasing as possible at the moment. Although this really is not leaving me a lot of time to do anything else, so I am hoping that I do get some more spare time after this to work on myself in the aspects that the workshop covers.

We spoke about doing a SWOT analysis, I usually do one of these at least one a year, and did one I think at the start of this module in January, before I thought I was not going to do it this year. We were also told to consider what skills are missing, for me I believe this could be something like illustrator and in-design, because I struggled with patterns in general until this year, when I finally was able to create them on photoshop I did not look back. Illustrator does run really slowly on my laptop, but this is something I would like to have a go at and learn about more on Skillshare, because it is clearly a skill needed in the area I want to go into.

We were also told about opportunities on Methub and other websites, and how to find them. Since jobs are a worry right now, we were also told about a variety of courses that we could do to further our education and qualifications, such as a Microsoft course and other free things about at the moment. I suppose a positive on the pandemic is that is much is online right now, and so much is free as well because a lot of people are sat at home needing things to do.

I am enjoying engaging with the careers team at the moment because I think it is helping my professional practice, I want to take opportunities like this and learn more about job searching, and how to improve myself to employers. I am also working on my CV to make sure that it is good to use for actual job applications when the time comes.


Mushrooms Research and Studies

I managed to get a couple of my own photos of mushrooms, but generally these were not the easiest things to find in my own garden despite all the places I thought I might find them. I did find some lovely second hand sources though so I decided to start some drawings and markmaking off of this.

I worked from the images and created some studies, using some watercolour styles, linear styles, and looking particularly at the textures that I wanted to explore. I think the mushrooms have provided some of the more interesting textures so far with the underside of them and the various patterns they can develop depending on what variety they are from.

I think I have shown a good range of techniques here, some worked, and others did not, but I think I decided basically the ideas that I would like to take away from these and actually make use of in my final collection designs.