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Spoonflower Contest – Ice Cream Truck

I decided to start a little early on my spoonflower contest design this week, I have been sewing and making all week and my hands were hurting. The theme was ice cream truck, which was exciting and I started to collect inspiration images of ice creams and lolly pops, and I came across a tutorial for making fruit frozen into ice lollies, which I thought looked very cool, and avoided the obvious kind of branded lollies and ice creams. Although I do plan on revisiting the idea of ice cream and confectionery again because I enjoyed using the bright colours and challenging myself.

Hero Design

I created the hero design using a range of motifs of the lollies, which I created on Procreate on the Ipad using a lot of layers, and I also wanted to use the fruits as motifs too because there is quite a bit of shading and detail in them and the transparency of the ‘iced’ lollies covers up the brightness of the colour too. I also took the shape of the pips and seeds in the kiwi and watermelons and used this as a little texture detail in the background. I think these do look a little like ice cream sprinkles too, and I think that these would have worked too because I was thinking of adding ice cream, but this could definitely be another sister collection or something.

I created a couple of ice lolly secondaries basically just experimenting with different colorways and how the colours worked together, I particularly think the purple and yellow, this is a colour scheme I tried in my first year and never really revisited until now, basically anything with the yellow did turn out better than I expected, it was bold and bright.

I decided to have a go at some repeats just using the fruit motifs as like I said, they were quite bright and I wanted to try and make the most of these designs. Aain I found some nice mixes of colours such as the red and purple and the yellow and purple, and the others were focused more on phrases, ‘lemon and lime’ and ‘oranges and lemons’ are known taste combinations, I am not so sure about the others, not sure I would eat a grape and a lemon together!

Finally I created some blenders just simply using the seed idea and combining it with a lot of colourways. I think this could be used more and a lot more colour combinations used and combined, but I stopped at four to show the overall effect of it.