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Structures, sheds and fences research and experiments

I continued in my sketchbook by exploring structures that the animals would encounter, maybe sleep in, along their way. This started with stone walls that I see in the mountains, or some wooden fences with barbed wire that I thought would be encountered regularly. I added annotation about how I thought these experiments went in my book, basically explaining that I could try some patterns with the walls as a stripe but I would like my patterns to remain interesting and pretty with the species in mind when I design all of them. I thought about adding foliage and flowers to the walls or fences to make them prettier too which I think I could take forward and try in Procreate.

The rest of the pages focused on the sheds and buildings and the textures I pulled from them. I think some of these will be interesting to explore more in some markmaking in Procreate, I explained in my annotation why some others I feel like did not work at all for the woodland purpose, such as the corrugated metal sheds.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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