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Hare Collection

I completed the hero design as a full drop previously and the large placement piece that goes along with all of the different sets, I have now completed a corner placement design for the hare and half dropped the hero to make it more interesting and harder to see the repeat. I have also then created a range of patterns from the hero using the colour scheme and the motifs.

Today I had a tutorial with Keireine who asked about border designs, which I had started with a blender kind of design with the dots which I had made so it could run along the edge of a notebook page or something like that, I liked this design but Keireine mentioned a corner kind of design that would graphically show my motifs. I thought this hare would be great for this and I really like the results, it has now got me thinking about one of these for each animal, and maybe coming up with two more styles of placement I could try to have a different style of placement demonstrated for each collection, but only showing one of each in the final line up. This would demonstrate what I can do and what I can do differently, and showing on my blog how it translates over to the different animals and colours.

The hero half drop is effective I think in making it harder to see the repeat. I find when the motifs are made larger and smaller, it is easy to find the repeat with the larger motifs being more obvious. I like the blue in the background of this one, I think it works effectively with the motifs and the pale brown of the hare acts as a good colour balance.

The secondary designs here came from the hero and using the motifs in designs including different levels of colour balance and a clearer repeat with the animals which I think I could see quite nicely on a small fabric pouch or makeup bag. I am finding again with these colours that the designs on the white background do look effective and stand out well from the background and I think give it a modern touch.

I tried some more mushroom designs as I think these went well for the dormouse. I think these did work out well and I actually think I will use the blue mushrooms on the green background as a blender as is it quite graphic and bold even in its small scale.

The dots have been a good staple component throughout my collection, so I did some more of these. As these are so similar to the other two, I think these could all be grouped together as colourways of the one dot design, which allows for other blenders to take the place of these then. So I realised that the larger dot designs are effective and I did try these in the last collection, so I added this to a favourite for the actual collection from the hare here. I like the leaves too as these are simple and linear, I tried the small scale designs which I think are nice but I am not sure I love it, maybe I could try a more sparse and repeated tossed design. Leaving some good negative space could be effective as a blender because a lot of my collection is so busy.

The hare collection board

So this is the board I have put together for now, showing both placements but considering this could change I think it would be quite effective to show more of a variety of placement designs, including maybe a faded watermark style placement that could be on a notebook page or something, or maybe even a different substrate like a see through phone case with a faint linear design on it and maybe a header or footer kind of placement that would suit a page, a book cover or a print. I definitely need to try out ideas like this, fully exploring what works and what doesn’t.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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