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Hare Hero Designs

I started the hare collection today with the hero design and a placement of the hare as I had done with the dormouse and the red squirrel, this time using the combination of green, blue and yellow, leaving out the pink in this mini collection.

I think the blue background in this one works really well, I printed this too and it comes out as a good strong colour with the other motifs being really visible. I liked the contrast between the pale yellowy hares and a few of the mushrooms, with the rest of the blue and green designs. Blue is a funny colour because it isn’t the first colour I would think of with a natural palette but I think it does work with the leaves and mushrooms. I like the placement design too, I think the faded dots add a little something to it, not to have it completely white as I am thinking this for the front of a notebook or something like that.

I now plan on creating secondaries and blenders from this, and also wondering about some border designs and seeing what I could do with something like that looking at the products that I want to design for.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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