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Raising Awareness – Packaging Experiments

So after the fabric wrap experiments I thought that packaging could be a good way to go to raise awareness of the species I was studying, as I could use text and images a lot better than just a piece of fabric used to wrap the parcel.

I first tried lino printing, which is kind of rustic looking due to the disturbed printing of this one. Again I have trouble with the materials available, a better, flatter cardboard would have made a difference, as well as the quality of the paint as well and the lino tools. However this looked okay, so I thought about digital printing again to see how this would improve it.

I next tried a lettering print, using a small set of stamps. This made the facts that I wanted to appear on the boxes much more clear and definitely would raise awareness of the animals. I think this worked well, but also think it could have been tidied up digitally.

These worked quite nicely, and I think in a bold unsaturated print it looked good. The last one I think is my favourite, using both the patterns and getting the fact in there too. Obviously these could be changed depending on the product in the box.

The tags I think work well too and could be quite effective in getting the message across which I am quite happy about. I think the effect of showing visually is definitely more important, like the half tag, you want to read to find out why only half the tag was used. Or the little hedgehogs to show the population is obvious for the decline and is quite a bold image.