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Placement Designs

I experimented with placements a lot throughout my pattern making, at first I just planned on creating a standard middle placement of each animal to have in the collection, however I thought about broadening my collection and maybe for each animal’s mini-collection, I could have a different placement type.

I had tried some corner placements and headers too which I think worked out well, I also tried some opaque placements and line drawings, but these did use the same motif as the original middle placement so I did not think these were that different and did not have as much function as the others could.

Obviously the dots differ in size here so I think I need to make sure these are more of a similar size, but I do actually quite like the larger ones, I think the dormouse was kind of hard to stop doing them when they were that small. I actually think the squirrel ones are a good size, so I will standardise these before I put them into the lookbook, I think I would probably choose the dormouse collection to represent this one because it was the first one done, and I think the dormouse is the cutest one here.

These top corner designs were interesting to do and I think fit the corner idea that I was going for quite well, I love how they represent the colour schemes of each one as well and I think the busyness reflects in the rest of the collection which I think works out well. I think the best out out of these is the hedgehog, so I think the hedgehog collection would represent this placement design quite well on the kind of final pattern boards. I think the corner placements are good too because they can be easily flipped to work on the other top corner as well.

I thought the bottom corners were effective too and could go well with the top corners on the right sized product. I think these would look great on papers and letters as well. I think the hare here was the starting point for this as I though the shape of the hare motif worked perfectly to fit the corner design I wanted. I had a lot of positions from each of the animals so it was something I was able to do to make a design fit with each of the placements that I wanted.

Finally the header design was created, I tried this first without symmetry, and this time with it, and I think the idea of it being symmetrical works well. Again I think these could work well for papers and covers, but could fit something that is this shape very nicely, such as a long desk calendar or something that is long and short as I think most things are square or taller. I think the red squirrel is the best one to represent this because I do like the movement in that design in particular.

Overall I am happy with the placements I have come up with, and will continue to experiment with any other ideas that I have, but for now I think these have worked really well and I am pleased with the outcomes of continuing to push myself and experiment with these.