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Lookbook Research

I started hearing about lookbooks in second year, when first year students in textiles were doing them, I knew vaguely what it was but never really thought about making my own. It seems like quite a daunting task, a large book showcasing all my patterns and mockups, but also something that could be interesting to keep and put on my website to show others how my graduate collection came together.

I decided I wanted my lookbook to show me as a designer, and sell the unique aspect of my collection, being about the declining UK species. I decided to explore a couple of lookbooks in terms of layouts too to see what kind of thing I need to do.

Unfortunately the lookbooks that I have found online will not embed here, I tried surface pattern lookbooks as I thought fashion ones were a little different. The first one I came across was quite an attractive collection of print designs for fashion I believe it was, the layout I would say was very simple, but effective, usually one or two images to a double page, and mostly full of mockups that really showed the patterns, although for my lookbook, I do not think this will work. The pattern collection is large and including some variations on the placements and colourways on the secondary and blenders to show, there is a large number of patterns in the collection to fit into a book, and I would not want this to be so large that it would be boring to flick through. I want to come up with layouts that are interesting enough with two, three, even four designs to a page. I think the flat patterns will work well showing the collections grouped together, and also the mockups grouped together afterwards, as some could contain patterns from a mix of collections.

WINTER Outfit Editorial Lookbook (30 pages)

I found some examples of different types of lookbooks, from photography and products, to fashion in both men and women styles. Above shows quite a quirky fashion example, including words. I really like the idea of the faded coloured boxes, these could be used great for adding text and showing a separation between the four mini collections too, which I think is important. If you were to randomly flick to a page in it, you could notice the background colour, and then easily see the hero page also has that colour on the background.

I think ideally I would like to explore some typography tutorials too as I think this could be helpful to me, surface pattern design is not just pretty textiles, it is a graphic design and sometimes this will include more graphic elements, such as typography, layouts and lookbooks. Skillshare offers a range of tutorials so I will probably have a look on there, my last one I watched told me about contrasting fonts, using a bold, graphic design firstly for headings and titles, then a smaller, plainer font to contrast this which I think is really important to give it that professional look.

Using faded designs and backgrounds I think is great for adding an effective bit of branding and style into it, this is something I have seen on the more quirky lookbooks that are not just plain images and maybe a caption.

I love this lookbook for the dark contrast with the white, I think this is really important to have contrast, and I think I will try and take this away, even if it is using dark text against white or faded backgrounds. I also like how they were able to get a range of images on each page, so this being an A4 lookbook, the pages will actually be quite big and I think this will be good for viewing the patterns and not forcing them to be as big as they could be, making them fit nicer with the pages.

So I think my next step is to start planning out the lookbook on paper, knowing exactly what I want to get on each page in what order especially, then maybe sketch out some layouts that make sense and I think just get into doing it and trying things out to see what they look like.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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