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New Pattern Boards

After my critical look at the pattern boards I created from my designs, I had a chance to evaluate them and realised what I wanted to change, whether it was as simple as a colourway or scale, but also noticing too many similarities sometimes and changing it up with something a little different.

So the left one is the old board, and the right is the newer version. These actually look very similar because I was quite happy with the designs that I was producing and putting together here, but I did notice a few things. The placement design was correct for this board, but I changed the size of the dots behind the dormouse which is more consistent now with the other animals in this placement style, I think this does look better for the front of a notebook or cushion like I wanted.

The secondaries I thought had a good background colour spread, but they were all showing mushrooms. I changed one of these to a berry design, and then changed the colourway of the bottom pattern to avoid too much pink. I thin the design at the bottom works well for both pink and green so I will put both colourways into my lookbook. Finally I looked closely at scale for the blenders and I think it has made more of a difference, I think it changes it from a busy pattern to more of a texture sometimes, which makes it look much more like a blender.

Again older board on the left, and newer on the right. I decided to put a different type of placement design on each board, so the hare represents the bottom corner placement. The middle placement from the first board will be shown as a variation of the middle placement, on the dormouse placement page in my lookbook. I looked at scale on my secondaries, showing more of the hares and brought the scale of the ferns up a little. With the blenders, I have brought the mushroom one down in scale, and I just did not like the leaf repeat, so I created a new one, that was more sparse and spread out.

The old design on the left has a number of designs on it, I think my hedgehog collection was the biggest and had a lot of different designs that I did not use and edited down too. The right shows the updated board, using the top corner placement and the green hero. I swapped the bottom secondary on the old board to a smaller scale and made it a blender instead, which I think works because of its scale and the two colours. I added a berry design as the secondaries were populated by leaves, a similar problem to the Dormouse having all the secondaries as mushrooms. I changed the colourway of the top blender to avoid a majority pink background collection with the blenders. I also adjusted the scales on the linear leaves and the new sycamore blender from the secondary column previously.

The old board on the left here shows the middle placement which will now be shown with the dormouse placement as that is the board the placement style is represented on, for this one I switched to the header design, which I think is quite dynamic for the squirrel as they symmetrically jump away from each other with their nuts. This allowed me to show a little more of the heroes here. I liked my top two secondaries, the middle one has a lot of variation on colourways and alternatives too. I did not like the bottom secondary design, I just did not love it and noticed all three of the secondary were tossed. So I decided to swap this with this new linear design with the yellow foliage. I adjusted the scales on the top two blenders here and replaced the third one as I just did not like it, I think there were too many colours in it for the blender, so I swapped it with this simple nuts repeat which works well with the theme.

Overall I think these are far better designs now and work well as collections, I am excited to get started on the lookbook and put these together in a more professional context.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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