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Lookbook Planning

I went back over the briefs and what I could find as well when I was looking for some guidance on the lookbook, I was worried initially because of my Illustrator and Adobe Acrobat problems, however I decided this could be solved by completing my lookbook on Photoshop and automating a PDF document. I decided to use A4 pages for the covers front and back, and then an A3 sheet on landscape to create my double page spreads for the actual content of the book.

I knew I wanted my lookbook to show me as a developed designer, and also my conscious thinking towards the conservation and awareness aspect of my collection. I looked at some checklists and put together my own checklist of what I wanted to put into my lookbook.

– Introduction

– Index

– About Me

– Collection Statement

-My Unique Selling Point

– Each Collection

– Mockups

– Linesheets

– Contact Details

So with this in mind, I looked at my patterns and the colourways etc, and started thinking about how many things I could get onto each page. With my research in mind, I saw how the layouts can make a good difference, and while I would love to just have whole page images, I do not think this is possible with the amount of patterns I would be showing.

I made a plan of pages and what would be on each one in accordance to my new pattern boards I had created, I thought this would help me keep on track with colourways and everything too.

I also drew out some layouts for the type of pages I wanted to try, for example the main placement design has to be bigger, then the variations of the different animals for that style of placement will be a little smaller to show off the largest one as the main one in the collection.

I thought next I just needed to get into it and adapt it as I am going, some things look good in my head or on paper and I think until you actually do it, it can clash in weird ways and make things too busy or jarring.