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Presspack Update

I wanted to include some progress on my presspack, I think I will add it on a word document too as I do not want to post my address and mobile number online. The main thing I have done is write up some content within the presspack and produce a mockup of what it would look like complete with a folder and everything.

This mockup shows how I would like to have my presspack, the little pocket below my little welcome paragraph would be great for some little business card sized prints or a memory stick with images on them. The presspack includes the creative CV, personal statement and postcard, with my business card in the front too.

These show the business card and the postcard, I kept to the colour scheme and I think it works well. The postcard acts as a template too which could quite easily be swapped out and patterns changed depending on what collection I wanted to promote at that point. The business card I did have a little trouble designing, but a tutorial towards the start of my journey with Suzanna helped me to understand to keep things simple, and I do think these are far more effective than my previous designs.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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