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Bioluminescence Spoonflower Contest

I have been doing a couple of contests with Spoonflower at the moment, what I enjoy about them is that they give you a theme, and it is often so unique you do not have anything that just happens to fit into it, so I enjoy taking a few hours a week to work towards this. I usually start by taking the theme and mindmapping a little, so for this one I thought of creatures that produce their own light, and thought of jellyfish and plankton, I thought jellyfish would make a really nice pattern.

I decide on a colour scheme, this is sometimes dictated by the contest but was not for this one, but I decided to go with a range of blues for the ocean, and a bright contrasting pink for the jellyfish. I used procreate to make my motifs, and used a couple of tools add light and luminescence to them, such as the light brush tool and the glowing dots.

Tile of Entry

I created this repeating tile for it, I quite like it as it has a range of contrast and bold colours in it. I have now entered this for the contest and will be looking into the upcoming contests to be prepared for them, I would like to enter every week but I did miss last week’s due to working hard on my submission, but the previous two weeks, Pastel Cafe and East Fork, can be seen below.

I like that these are testing my skills and making me learn new things, I am trying out new colours and objects I have never drawn before, so I hope to keep this going for my own development.