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Wildlife Camera: Success Finally

I have been consisting putting this wildlife camera out around the garden since the start of lockdown, so around 4 months now I think? I have been changing around locations, positions, height of the camera, looking across the grass, looking down the paths, going inside sheds and little hedgehog houses ive built around the garden, and there was no activity that I wanted for so long. I would get cats, mice, squirrels, birds, which was amusing to see and quite interesting sometimes about what was in the garden that I did not really know about. Last week I started putting dog biscuits out in a hedgehog house, and even though I would not get any videos, the food would be gone and the bowls pushed around, so I checked the camera and the battery was so low that the night vision had stopped working.

I replaced the batteries over the weekend and put it back into the hedgehog house with some more food last night.

I was so thrilled to find the hedgehog last night eating away on some biscuits, proving I have been able to encourage them in the garden and can continue to provide it with food and water now and see if I can keep him and any more. I notice that the biscuits seem a little big for him and he struggled to keep it in his mouth, so I could look at crushing them a little, although I do not want to make it too easy for the mice to eat all of it, as they did seem to finish it off between 1 and 2 after the hedgehog had been in twice, the hedgehog then returned at around 4:11 and you can see it sniffing around and looking for food, whether this is the same one or different I am not sure. I can continue now to see if the hedgehog coming in and out looks different, and maybe trace where it comes from using the camera outside of the house too.


Encouraging Hedgehogs in the Garden

So I have been putting out some biscuits for the hedgehogs regularly for the last couple of nights, I finish my car phonecall with my boyfriend at around 11:30 to midnight then creep down the garden with my torch, hoping to catch a hedgehog in the act of eating from the bowl.

I was taking photos at midnight when I went out, and then in the morning as well, even at midnight something was missing, so it seems the more of the food was being eaten after this in the early hours. I thought about rats, but I thought more likely they would eat it all, bite the carton, or take it back to their nest. The biscuits are just neatly eaten, sometimes with a few remaining, the fuller amount is taking about two days to go down too so hopefully I will encourage a little habitat here. I am going to look into building a little hotel for them as well, a little place they can settle in during the daytime. My method of sneaking down the garden every night was not working, so I started researching into a wildlife camera.

Today it came! I wasn’t actually expecting it for at least another week, with the restrictions and buying it from Ebay, I thought it was going to be a lot longer. I set it up anyway around a nearby tree, making sure it had a good view of the food tray. I’ve set it to record 15 seconds of footage when it is triggered by motion, this means with the wind it could take a little grass moving as enough to record, I am concerned that hedgehogs move so slowly that it might not be enough, but if I do not get anything tonight, I,ll try putting the camera right on the floor near the bowl, and concealing it with rocks or something.

An update as soon as I have any luck!