Plant Life Sketchbook

I found I was actually coming to the end of my first sketchbook, I chose to focus on leaves and foliage in the one sketchbook, and use a different one for the animals, and the plan was to kind of combine them and work on motifs that incorporate both in whichever sketchbook has more room left in it. But right now I think I will start another A3 book to continue with the plants and foliage, because I have yet to start with the berries, nuts, acorns or structures development in my book.

I continued to explore some styles that I was enjoying using, and working on combining them and refining them, and considering how they would translate over to a more digital format as I plan to take my mark-making over to Procreate as well.

These pages show the continued experimentation with techniques that I think could work well for motifs, although I think I would have liked to try a thin dark green outline on the lighter green leaves for example to avoid the heavy use of black, but I found a sharpie was not achieving this look in the colours and the use of paint just would not achieve that thin perfect line that I wanted, but again this can be done on Procreate.

I took some of my favourite shapes of the leaves to use and to try and name a few of them. From here I knew I wanted to go ahead and play with the solid shape of it more that I touched on previously.

I tried out some techniques here that represent the idea of shape a lot, such as the cut out and the patternwork shapes, I also tried an embroidery technique and a woven technique which I think helped to amplify the shapes and form of them more as the stitches defined the edges and the woven technique made from squares is quite obvious. I also tried the wax resist by drawing with a candle which was quite good to give a strong line drawing. I also went back to some of my favourite techniques such as the leaf skeletons, the splatter resist of the shapes and the bleach outlines too. I want to think of some ways to translate this better to Procreate and digital and see what I can do with it then.

I worked agin with lino here but made sure they were cut out shapes that would make clear motifs, I then made such the veins were the right kind of shape on there, and went ahead and tried out some patterns with these, over watercolour and bleach backgrounds or just plain white to focus more on the motifs.

Lino Cutting and Printing

I decided to play with lino again and make motifs out of it rather than a placement piece that could have been continued.

The first step is to sketch out the design on the lino, I decided here that I was going to carve out the leaf skeletons, and then actually cut out the shape of the leaf so I had a nice clean stamp effect with the finished lino piece.


I tried to use a mixture of widths in the lines to give a more realistic kind of effect to it, I was following the more natural flow of a leaf skeleton rather than uniform it more into a pattern.

The end result here is interesting and I think the veins look good, the next step was to just cut around the edges of the leaves to make it into a stamp.

All Cut Out

The designs here were cut out, I used a simple pair of large scissors to do this as it was quite tough to get through.

The First Prints

The prints produced were interesting, I will probably do another post when it gets to creating some fun patterns out of them.