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Mushrooms and Berries Motifs

I wanted to start some patterns now, and I thought taking some of the elements that I wanted to play around with as motifs in the animal patterns would be a good place to start, while I slowly draw the more complex dormouse images.

I have been developing my motif style as time as gone on while working on Spoonflower contests, where my style has slowly adapted while I have been learning how to do things in Procreate and make more detailed motifs without them looking too realistic. I also made sure to include a few colours for the motifs because sometimes when in a pattern I found I needed more of a certain colour to balance it out, then realised that I had originally drawn everything in the one colour and it was hard to change. Another thing I have learnt how to do better on Procreate.

My pattern contests can be found here:


Mushrooms Research Images

I forgot about mushrooms when I did my second hand research last week, I did berries, fruit, nuts, acorns, even structures, but I think the mushrooms just slipped my mind. What reminded me was finding a mushroom in the garden so I photographed this then went onto Unsplash to find some other images of them that I could draw from.

I do not really know anything about mushrooms, but I think they are quite interesting and it would be cool to learn about the different types of them that you could encounter in the wild.

I really like the variety in the images I found on Unsplash as I think it looks at a huge range of species that I think will be great for research and drawing.

Forestries and Mountains

The images above show my little walk through the forestry, the mushrooms were the best part as I have not seen these anywhere else, I may have to do some secondary research for these as well to get a more varied idea of shapes, sizes and colours. I think this trip was very useful because it took away from home, and at the right time of year too because I managed to get photos of nuts as well which is very useful for some of the species diets. As well as interesting berries and branches, this trip was useful, and I would like to try and visit again to one that is closer to home due to the restrictions, there is one a couple of miles away I think I could walk or cycle too on a nice day.

We went for a drive up into the black mountains, where there is seemingly nothing for miles on end, but I always think this is such a nice place because it is so high up. We also stopped nearly at the bottom to take the rest of the photos when we spotted the growths on the trees and then found the interesting casings growing onto it.