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Website Research

I wanted to look at making myself a professional website where I can show my range of surface patterns and any other projects that I start to take part in, I also wanted to do a CV page as well so the option to add a few pages was very important. I wanted to look at pricing to be able to compare some and what I would get out of the price for each one as well.

I started on Wix where the pricing looked quite good, for 4.25 a month there was a great deal available when the pound less only offered a very basic package. I was also able to type in the kind of website I wanted and what I do and the builder had a go at designing something I would like for me which I thought was interesting.

I tried Go Daddy too which immediately struck me as a larger company with more plans available in a range of categories which became quite confusing. The trouble with these monthly subscriptions too, they require a year paid up front which to me defeats the purpose of a monthly price. I think looking even at WordPress and how they could be turned into a functional website could be useful as I already feel a lot more confident on working it.

WordPress offers a simple 3 pound a month upgrade which would remove advertising and give me a free domain for a year which would be useful for google searching. I think the extra storage space could be useful too as my photos do tend to take up quite a lot of room. I think I may look into this option more.

I ended up choosing WordPress for the Personal one, it had everything I needed and included the domain which is great, so I made sure to mark the date so I can keep this next year too. I also chose this because I know my way around WordPress and this will be an advantage to building the site that I want to. Next I think I will get to building it, which will in turn prompt me to create a new CV which will help in the future too, and collate some of my images together in portfolio views.