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Starting the Squirrel Collection

After my completion of the first kind of draft of my dormouse collection on Saturday, I took a break on Sunday (Probably my first day off in over three months!) and then got back into it today. My first job was drawing up the motifs and performing colourways of the different motifs that I was going to use around it. As I mentioned previously, there is a slight change in the colours from one mini collection to the next, simply using a different combination of the four key colours, pink, green, blue and yellow. The red squirrel was done using warm browns, as to not take it too far on the bright red spectrum, and then the other colours were pink, blue and yellow for this little collection.

I always complete a range of motifs to choose from in a variety of colours. The worst thing I encounter is when I am halfway through a pattern, think that I just need a little pink space filler here, and then actually see that I have a blue one and a yellow on and no pink, so I have to do back to drawing. So now I always make sure I have a lot of different colours, shapes, and combinations of motifs to get through the hero and beyond.

I tried out some hero designs here using the squirrel motifs, and I do not know quite what I wanted to do here because something just seems off with it.

I put them into repeat but I knew I wanted to adapt the tile into a half drop anyway, but first I wanted to be happier with the actual hero design.

I created a second hero design here and just used more of a pink and blue majorly over the yellow in this one. I liked this a lot more I think it just looked like a better balance with the colour and less crowded with the colours, not the motifs, the pattern is busy and I very much think that is my style.

I now went into the half drop building from this tile and I am happy with the end result of this, I actually think I like the white one because the motifs seem to stand out a lot more from the background. The dots have been very useful in my designs to fill some space and also make some designs look a little more modern. They also bring some of the key colours into the design again in a more blocky way which I like.

The repeat is probably more of a small scale than I would have liked it but overall I am quite happy with it and the colour balance. The squirrel motifs look how I wanted them to and the different poses have given quite an interesting variety.

From the motifs in the hero and more colours and styles of it, I decided to start some patterns that go along with the hero I had created. So I knew I had blue and pink in my mind but I wanted to be mindful of using enough of the yellow too. I created some colourways of a couple of these designs too. I particularly like the first multi-coloured design on the white as the motifs really stand out against the white background.

I think I am getting the hang of using blender designs better, I think they are still a little busier than I have seen before but I definitely gravitate towards this busy style and I think if done on a very small scale, the busyness works as a blender too. I do like the dots again, this seems to be a nice idea to combine my colours, and I can quickly give this a few different colour options in the background, and maybe changing the dots once or two and ending up with a complex and busy dot design.

I did a poll on my design instagram, and came up with the faded dot design being voted the best one, so I went with this again and I think it has worked well here too. Overall the colour scheme of the little collection was pink, blue and yellow, I mainly used blue and yellow and white for backgrounds in this collection as I knew the pink was quite dominant in the dormouse collection and I wanted to avoid it being bold in all of the collections, except the one where it does not feature in as I think it would just look like too much of it if the three with pink were all heavy on the pink and the one wasn’t, I want the designs to flow and have that similarity between them, almost like it isnt obvious that one is missing one of four colours each time.

Squirrel Pattern Board

I created the pattern board here to tie together my designs and figure out which ones of them I wanted to use, I have colourways for most of these which I think I could incorporate into a later board, but for now, this shows the blue, yellow and pink squirrel board.

Dormouse board

Compared to the dormouse board, the pink and yellow flow through it but the blue has given it a different look, and thats what I hope for when I continue into the hare and the hedgehog with the colour schemes working like that.