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Mushrooms and Berries Motifs

I wanted to start some patterns now, and I thought taking some of the elements that I wanted to play around with as motifs in the animal patterns would be a good place to start, while I slowly draw the more complex dormouse images.

I have been developing my motif style as time as gone on while working on Spoonflower contests, where my style has slowly adapted while I have been learning how to do things in Procreate and make more detailed motifs without them looking too realistic. I also made sure to include a few colours for the motifs because sometimes when in a pattern I found I needed more of a certain colour to balance it out, then realised that I had originally drawn everything in the one colour and it was hard to change. Another thing I have learnt how to do better on Procreate.

My pattern contests can be found here:


Final Mini Fabric Collection

My mini fabric collection was based from the dragonfly designs I created from the hero, originally I created a ladybird design for the giftbag, a dragonfly giftwrap and a beetle giftwrap which I put together as the collection. Some feedback from this was that if each design was put together as wrapped gifts in the giftbag, the designs may clash and look too busy. So I took each of my hero designs, and created a family of patterns from each one. The ladybird ones I used to create the paper collection, and I used the dragonfly ones for the fabric ones. The beetle ones have not been used for anything final, but I still like the patterns I created for that, and thought that I could take a selection of patterns across the three families for the final paper collection, but they did end up being quite different families so I do not think they would have worked so well like this.


I originally tried this mock up, showing the makeup pouch, with some reuseable make up remover pads, and this travel wrap. I like the hero on the pouch, I think this works well with the scale of it and the contrast of the white background with the black zip. The wrap too I think is bold with the yellow background, this works well and will have a blender on the inside to keep it more refined. The pads however I thought it might be a good idea to put three different colourways of the lily blender, but I do not think this worked as well as I wanted to, I think it creates too much colour across the board, and without the other secondary I created that focuses more on the pink, it just stands out too much here.

I refined the pads in the collection by using the plainer yellow blender with the trails pattern, I think this is more simple but it does go better with the colour scheme and the purpose maybe too, white may not be the best colour for a pad that could be stained with makeup constantly, a brighter one might hide that effect a little. I also show designs here for the inside of the travel wrap, as shown it has different compartments for various things you would need, and shows the blender on the inside and the secondary design on the outside. For this, I could adapt it to a more waterproof fabric that could be better for carrying shower essentials too.

flat collection mock up

I created this flat mock up design like I did with the final collection too, this shows all the elements of the fabric collection, including what colour the inside of the make up pouch would be. I do think seeing it like this does show that they go together quite well, much better than with the lily designs I tried before.


Finally I then put the four patterns I used in this collection together to show them flat on a board, I think they work together well with the use of the yellow and green being particularly dominant.

Final Collection

The final collection has gone through a lot of drafts and alterations, I think I am finally at a place where I am happy with it and fully planned out everything, down to what colour the bottom of the giftbag is and the greeting inside the card.

finished collection 2

I swapped the flat wrap sheet with the other side of the double sided roll, as the feedback was to make the flat sheet a little busier, and I thought the other side of the roll should be a little calmer due to the boldness of the pink side, so I think this was probably a good decision. I also muted the colour of the ladybird green a little. There was feedback about the differing colours in the backgrounds, but I decided to keep things as they were in this sense, because the pink background may look a little stand out and odd here, but the sides of the gift bag are also pink so I think this works. I suppose the yellow of the card is a little different but I think it ties in with the slight yellow in the hero, and gives quite a nice effect on the card, I do not think the envelope being pink or green would have the same effect because the yellow border is so dominant on the card.


I was advised in my latest tutorial to do this flat mock up sheet of everything, this shows the entire collection and every detail of it which I think would be great to show someone who hasn’t seen any of the collection, because this makes it very clear with every detail. Especially with something like the gift bag that shows it all around.


This updated pattern board shows all the patterns used in the final collection, with the addition of the gift tag motif and the placement design on the front of the card. I chose this card in the end because I think the layout worked the best, I did like some other card designs I did but they would not have gone that well with this particular set of patterns, as they were influenced more from the Dragonfly or Beetle collections.

Next I want to show the final design of the fabric collection in a similar way to this, to make sure it is clear what each piece is and that they go together well.

Fabric Outcome Intentions

I was thinking a lot about what I wanted to do in terms of creating a small fabric collection from my current giftwrap collection. I thought back to my original ideas for my collection where I was basing the collection on a more sophisicated design for children. I ended up changing this to more appeal to the young mothers market as I found my designs were going towards an older market than children. However I do still think something about the designs could appeal to children and the parents that would buy for them, not in the giftwrap setting, but I do think the designs or a variation of them could be suitable for young girls summer dresses.

Fashion used to be a large part of my textiles journey, however as I discovered more of the interiors market and the stationary market that was not limited to the basic ideas I had for these, I started to enjoy working with them a lot more. I think the idea of aiming towards young girls, aged 5-10, would be interesting as I think my fabrics would suit well for summer dresses with their light colour scheme and cute insect patterns.

I really like the ladybird design and as I had only used this for the gusset of my bag I felt like this was an underused pattern in my design, I think this could look very nice on a summer dress and I plan on trying it out as a CAD visual. I think the dragonfly pattern at present could be too dark so I need to try and lighten this up a little. I plan to digitally print these patterns onto fabrics, I need to look into what kind of fabric I want to use, at present I want to look at quite light cottons as I think it would be a suitable fabric for the dresses.

To show what the products will look like on the fabric, I plan to print two fat quarters.