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Filling some Gaps – Placements and Borders

I think it was the squirrel collection where I evolved this faded opaque placement design for a possible page or cover design, then the hare I developed the corner designs after talking to Keireine in a tutorial, then the hedgehog header finally which I still have not done yet.

So I had a go with the opaque examples here in green and yellow, the green has not turned out exactly how it should on my screen but has printed to a nice muted colour, I might revisit this for a better look but I would like this to be muted for a page, and maybe brighter for a front cover, so it is an interesting thing to experiment with. The corner designs I think are very cute, and I would love to make good use of these, I think they show the colours well and work well with the shape of the dormouse in both instants. I also tried a line drawing to try and do what I mentioned before on with the acetate paper, that will be a job to add to the list.

I changed up the colours of the squirrel placements, because I realised I had not used the yellow in any of the placements, and when I got to the hedgehog it was too late, it was the only collection that did not use the yellow as per my idea with the colour scheme distribution. So I changed this one to yellow, and I think with the blue it works really well and the placements of the animals is cute and graphic I think.

These were the ones missing for the hare, again here I think the green is quite hard to see on the screen so I need to look into this. The line drawing does look good however.

Next, I think doing the headers will be a good step to completing the collection so I can critique it myself and hopefully get some feedback as well.