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Mockups So Far

I wanted to have a go at putting some of these products I was making onto the giftware and lifestyle products that fell into my category. I thought this would make me understand more about the scale of my patterns especially and mkaing sure that they work together well too.

I tried out some hair accessory mockups first, using some bits I had created in white fabrics. I tried this laid out first, and then also in more a situation being worn by a couple of girls. The scrunchies on her arm I think work well and work nicely together, and the hairband goes with them as well.

These products together look good I think, a good collection put together. The scrunchies I like here because they show the colourways of the hedgehog collection nicely together and then some of the other products show the secondaries well. I do not think I could put the hero on something quite this small, I think scrunchies need to relfect a bold colour or two and the heros may get too confusing, but I think they would work a lot better on anything bigger than this, such as notebooks and other desk stationery sets.

I think the stationery idea is good and I would like to see a few patterns used on these together. I also do like the idea of pens, pencils, pen holders, and then pencil cases could work as well. Similarly, the makeup bags and pouches could look really good too with the patterns on there.

I also tried a couple of cushion mockups, I think this could be quite effective as I think they would make a nice gift item which is what I am aiming for, although they would definitely be the biggest items I would be looking at, but would be perfect for showing the heroes.

Finally I wanted to try a blender design here as I thought it would be the part of my collection that could be suitable for fashion, I think my designs as a whole do fit more of this quirky giftware market and then could branch into interiors and stationery into that, but fashion is not something I considered too much. I think this does work though, easily with a matching scrunchie too it could be a good look.

I will continue to experiment with mockups of other gift products, even for just experimenting with my designs and see what I could expand to in the future. I plan on trying more stationery, as well as a mug and coaster set and some more makeup bags and accessories, which I plan on learning how to make to a professional level.