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Spoonflower Contest – Bright Reptiles

After I completed my patterns and was happy for this one to be submitted, I had a mad moment of questioning whether chameleons were reptiles, but luckily they are so the last few hours were not a total waste of time.

The shape of the chameleon is quite interesting, I actually went back to using an offset kind of messy outline for this one because it was hard to define its limbs and things without using these. I think this worked well though to define the edges. It is quite hard to tell but the body is shaded and coloured with a rough skin kind of texture effect which I think looked effective to help that brightness that I was going for and helping to shape the creature too.

I think I prefer the greeny-blue background to the pink one, but I definitely think the pink has value within the patterns.

I created some bright designs to go along with the main design which I think has worked well. The fern type images are quite effective with these outlines I think, they have a different look to them with the outline, more graphic. I added a kind of water drop effect to add a texture to the leaves too which I think makes them bolder.