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Acrylic Animal Experiments

I wanted to have a go with acrylics because I thought I could get quite a good look for the idea of realism and flat colour that I wanted to experiment with.

I did try a few styles with the acrylics, I tried the hare in a more realistic kind of style, which I think turned out better than I expected once it had dried, but I was very apprehensive about it as I started to paint and found it difficult to get the shades and blends that I wanted to. I tried a splashy style again too but I found that the acrylic was drying quickly so by the time I did more of a watercolour effect on it, it just did not blend with the thicker painted parts of the body. The flat colour examples were nice and I think form the base of the kind of shapes I would create if I was working on Procreate on the Ipad. I think this would be a good step to go too soon and see what I can do with those brushes, because I think the actual motifs all being done on the same application would be good to avoid a different kind of look with them if I was to photograph and edit some, and digitally make others.


Nuts and Acorns Research and Studies

I started a new little a4 book to explore some of the secondary images that I found, because I was struggling to find mushrooms, nuts, and some berries due to the time of the year. When I was thinking of completing this module next year, I realised that I had the whole summer into next winter and then more to research this but suddenly throwing myself into doing the module now this meant some things were not possible. I also wanted to physically visit some places that I could have seen some of the animals I was looking at too.

So you can see here some of the techniques I have used, I am particularly enjoying the effects of watercolour and fineliners, although I have tried some other things where I feel like they may produce a nice result. I also tried my own little pattern with the oak leaves and the bold indian ink nuts over the top of it. I also explored acorns and pinecones too because I did not really know what other category to put them into. I think all of these elements have worked as a motif so I would like to take them forward and decide how they will work digitally now to be placed into the patterns.