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Other Drawing Techniques – Animals

To experiment further with my animals and test out some more unusual techniques, I took a variety of poses from my research and started to draw or paint with the mediums that I thought may create some interesting effects.

I started with some fineliner experiments, I do love using patterns to build up detail in line drawings, I have done this before and I think the pattern works well to fill space. I was not really feeling it with the hare, I think the eye throws me off and I think this would look better as a more solid blacked out design and then worked out from there. Maybe using the different sections of the face better in terms of following the way the hare would naturally flow. I also tried some stippling, but I did not like the way this was looking either so I did not really finish it to the standard I usually would because it was very time consuming and I could already see it just was not working for what I wanted. I have used various forms of line drawings throughout too so I knew line is something I do like to use, just working on becoming simpler and looser in my work I think has been very beneficial to my designs. I tried some Indian Ink to build up a hedgehog design too which I think was okay but just using the one harsh black was difficult to show tone as I usually would. Maybe this would have worked better as a collage with some different tone being used in the papers.

The sharpie experiments turned out a little better than I thought, but a range of them in more similar colours could have created a nice effective piece I think. I also tried the soft pastels on black paper, I find this hard to use and usually very messy, I like this design but probably would not want to take it further because it neither has the detail or the simple flat approach I was considering. I managed to capture a lot of detail in the eye of the oil pastel drawing, I like this but the fur around it loses some of that detail. The hedgehog with the sponged back is quite fun, but I do like the colours and how they mixed together with the sponge. Although I think it did get the texture better than I achieve with a brush or anything.