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Redefining Patterns and Creating Mock ups

Following a short tutorial yesterday, we identified some areas for improvement with some of the patterns I created in the collections, and also some further feedback on the logo.

The points on the Ladybird designs were that there was only one yellow pattern in the collection, which I did notice and needs another one to go with it. There was also a point about one of the blenders with just ladybirds not being needed, just putting the ladybird in flight into the secondary that had leaves in a very similar colour and shape.

Ladybird Collection

I think this does look a lot better with a little more yellow in the collection, I think they all work with the hero and as independent designs, I would like to put them on a mock up next together and make sure they do work.

With the dragonfly family, we noted that the lily repeat blender could have some different colourways. The busy blender could also be less obvious as the block repeat was not as attractive as it could be with a brick or half drop repeat.

So I included a different colourway of the lily blender in this one on a much larger scale as I thought they are pretty and could be seen a lot better closer, the lilies and the pads blender is now a half drop so I think this is much more interesting and appealing to look at.

Finally, the beetle collection secondaries are all the same scale, all white backgrounds, and quite similar looking in terms of how much white is showing in each one. They are all different in the way that the top one is tossed, the second is a brick kind of repeat and the leaves half drop down from the columns next to them, but they do look quite similar to the eye initially. The scale needs to be looked at a little too with less of the background showing maybe.

Beetle Family

Adding yellow to the background of the middle secondary has helped a lot here and the change in scale makes it look very different, I also changed the single leaf blender to white from pink because I think it suits the colour much better now.

I had a go at some mock-ups earlier in the week, I found them very difficult to try and do, the images are very hard to find in the right position and quality, and this is a big factor in the end quality of the pieces.

This was probably the best one that I managed but the quality was just not there, so I decided to try creating my own to use, I wanted to have a few rolls next to each other so I can see how the patterns work together, as well as have a good shot of the bag and a card design to work on.

These photos were taken in a little photoshoot in the daylight, which got them a good mix of shadows and highlights which I think will be useful, as well as the quality of the images being higher than what I am used to from google image searches.