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Berry, Foliage and Flower Patterns

I moved on today to some berry patterns, using just the berries and related foliage here. I did make a point of separating these for the sake of creating these mini collections but once I do a proper hero design I will then work from there and perhaps combine some of the berry and mushrooms and things like that.

These show some quite busy designs that I would maybe call heroes or busy secondaries, I found with these that having a kind of half drop motif throughout it catches the eye but all the smaller ones helps to distract from this. The top one too with the colours on the background is interesting as it means I do not have to have a solid colour in the background.

These I would say are the busier kind of blenders on such a large scale or secondaries. I actually really like the colours against the white background and I think both of them work well together. The other one looks maybe a little muted but the colours do look nice together.

These I would say are much more blender feeling, although I think the scale of these could be put down an awful lot to make them a lot smaller. I reused the two right hand patterns and just made them more simple, I think the top one works well and the bottom one is nice but I think I prefer it with the dots as welll. The instant response I got from the left hand ones were ‘Jellybeans’, so I do not think this translated well, especially in that size, maybe if they were smaller scale they would look different but I think the more random dot designs I have done work nicely.

I tried some designs based on some of the foliage motifs I had started to create. The first image I think shows some nice examples in the left hand ones, I like the scale of these as well. The next photo shows some more blender or secondary type designs, which I think work but do not excite me very much.

I had this idea for blenders at around 5am when I woke up in the awful heat, just alternating the size of the dots for a more interesting dot effect. I think the three colourways work well too and I think these could work well with the hero kind of designs so I am happy with these.

Lastly today I tried some flower designs, I did not expect great thing from these by themselves as I struggled with the aromatherapy contest in this way. I think overall the dark experiments actually turned out a lot better, which is weird as I do not use a great deal of dark backgrounds in my work. I think the light green one (which looks a little light blue in the yellow lit room I took the picture in) looks almost christmassy, which is definitely something that I want to avoid. I think the white flowers are interesting and both colourways work well, but I am not sure how these fit in with the rest of the collection, so this is something I would have to check while I am picking the final kind of results.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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