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Card Designs

I was not confident with my original card design, I think this was something that I found difficult as I had not done it before. I did draw up my own patterned writing and I think it was just too straight. I went looking for an interesting font when I was designing my logo idea, and I thought this font is actually quite fitting with trends I have seen in retail and for the audience that I am aiming for with the young adult women.

I worked on these designs using some of the motifs I had already drawn from my patterns, I think the little leaves are cute and work together, and the dragonflies on the right card are quite interesting. I did ask for feedback on the cards and one thing I did get for the left card was that the string idea with the leaves looked a little like Christmas lights, something I did not think about. I think this is possibly because of the yellow colour too, so I think making this a green or something is worth a try. I also got feedback that the yellow border was better than the green, and as I was taking the yellow out of the left design I could add it back into the border instead. I may need to look at the design of the squiggles too, I think I could look more at seeds or saps or something as small texture as it may be more circular and be more pleasing than the squiggles in this context.

The idea of quite an interesting and graphic envelope could be quite bold, I like these ideas but possibly again need redefining and actually some research and something softer may be more effective for this idea. Last time I put a pattern on the interior of the card and the envelope, I think I could still like something on the inside of the envelope but the inside of the card could just have a simple little corner design and I think that would be effective enough.

I think these pieces do look quite good, I think the smaller the scale on this one for the interior of the envelope is better because I want it to be a clear texture repeat that works as a good blender here.

Again I think all of these designs need redefining but I am happy that I think I am moving in the right direction here.


Author: tahliadavid

BA(hons) Textiles student at Cardiff Metropolitan University

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